Abaraxas Hashish

Abaraxas Hashish

Like the Bulldog, Abraxas is named in honor of a great coffee shop in Amsterdam. Produced from Cannabis strain from the Netherlands. 

In the Netherland, plants  are usually cultivated indoors but there are also small outdoors and greenhouse cultivation.

The manufacture method varies with the producer. Most of the Hash is produced thru screening like in Morocco, however there is also a small quantity of hand-rubbed Hash produced using the Afghani method (which of course is much better). However only a very small quantity of the Weed is transformed in Hashish.

Color: Quite blond, however this varies with the kind of Weed used and the producer.
Consistency: Bulldog hash  is very soft.
Effect: The kind of High from Netherlands Hash depends from the strain of Weed which was used, however usually the high is quite active and cerebral.
Potency: Potent to very potent, this stuff is better than any other kind of Hash available to the average user. It even beats most Nepali’s and nearly every kind Afghan. (Up to 59% THC)
Availability: Very, very rare outside the Netherlands and surrounding countries.


THC-A : 25.8%

DELTA-9 THC : 11.9%

TOTAL THC : 37.7%