Apple Jax AAAA +  $225 Oz

Apple Jax AAAA + $225 Oz

Apple Jax Strain Genetics

Not to be confused with Apple Jack – the famous White Widow/Jack Herer cross – Apple Jax lineage is an In House Genetics original recipe, bred from two rare cannabis cultivars with complementary terpenic qualities. Pancakes – a Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics collaboration named for its buttery breakfast taste – has been paired with another delicious marijuana strain, the indomitable Apple Fritter, giving this mostly indica-dominant plant an unrivalled scent and flavour.

Available from MGS in a feminized format, Apple Jax marijuana seeds are just one of several cultivars that make up the In House Genetics seedbanks brand new ‘Pancake Cross’ series. So why not begin your breakfast odyssey right here with this unusual crossbreed?

Apple Jax Strain Terpene Profile

Apple Jax flavour and aroma combine the warming taste of buttery pancake batter and syrupy sweet berries with a sour apple kick and a skunky cheese aftertaste, making the best of both its parent plant’s stellar terpene profiles. The marijuana equivalent of a delicious Dutch breakfast, it’s the perfect strain for flavour hunters or just those who like the sweeter things in life.

Like its parent plants, Apple Jax abundant terpenes are limonene and terpinolene. The latter chemical, which is also found in lilacs, nutmeg, and, unsurprisingly, apples, is present in many cannabis strains but usually only in trace amounts. This makes Apple Jax weed particularly prized by medical cannabis users and concentrate connoisseurs looking to make the most of its rare terpenic potential. 

Apple Jax Strain Effects

Apple Jax effects are powerful and relaxing, promoting feelings of tranquillity and mental clarity. Beginning with an uplifting rush to the head, with deep body relaxation kicking in shortly after, the balanced, hybridized experience it offers allows users to enjoy an evening comfortably without losing their cool, but as often is the case, overuse can lead to stronger sedative influence.

Although this is a high THC, low CBD variety, no tests have been performed to determine Apple Jax THC content. However, its parent’s boast high THC levels that range from 22-25%, so low-tolerance users should proceed with caution when sampling this overpowered offspring.

Apple Jax strain Medical Benefits

As a terpinolene and limonene rich strain, Apple Jex medical benefits are best suited for treating anxiety. Like the terpenes linalool and myrcene and many cannabinoids, terpinolene can have a sedative influence when consumed in a sufficient dose. While great for inducing sleep, this also has a calming effect on the nervous system and can be used to manage feelings of anxiety and panic disorders.

Limonene has also been shown to greatly reduce appetite in blowflies. While this effect has not been studied in humans, it’s highly likely that Apple Jax medical seeds and other limonene rich varieties could be used as part of weight loss programs and for combating obesity.