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Craft AAAA+ 1 Oz Mix & Match $210 Oz

Craft AAAA+ 1 Oz Mix & Match $210 Oz

Selct from any, of our Craft AAAA + Cannabis strains

MIx and match 4x4 of our supreme quality small batch craft cannabis .

What is Craft Cannabis?

Think of craft weed as something similar to craft beer or small-batch coffee. These products are created with care, precision, attention to detail, and usually quite a bit of passion. The result is something of a finer quality than mass production can possibly replicate. With this kind of weed, you get to enjoy that sort of passion, dedication, and superior quality in beautiful THC-packed Canadian cannabis flower. Craft “marijuana” is also sometimes known as small-batch cannabis or artisanal cannabis. This refers to a small-scale grow operation of weed that emphasizes quality. To be designated as craft, the flower must be grown in a facility that produces less than 10,000 kg of dried cannabis (or equivalent) a year. This illustrates precisely why this type of weed is really all about quality over quantity. Ready to order weed online in Canada?

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