Mexican Cubensis

Mexican Cubensis

Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms is a psychedelic mushroom strain that is native to the lands of Mexico. The first recorded usage of this specific species of magi mushrooms was by the indigenous people of Central and North America over 2000 years ago! The ancient Aztecs consumed these rare mushrooms for their entheogenic effects, using them ceremoniously and as a means of spiritual development. The history of Psilocybe Mexicana is very long and rich and it will always be remembered as the strain that Swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann, who was responsible for the isolation of LSD, used to isolate and analyze psilocybin and psilocin for the first time. This Central American-native can be recognized by its’ small, caramel-coloured cups and skinny, elongated stems. Although its’ demeanour may appear un-impressive, Psilocybe Mexicana is still a potent mushroom, with high levels of psilocybin, varying strengths of psilocin and additional levels of baeocystin. Psilocybe Mexicana is known for having a shorter trip that quickly peaks within the first hour or two, and lasting for a total of six to eight hours. The trip associated with this strain of psychedelic mushrooms is known to be uplifting, cerebral and enlightening – the powerful nature of Psilocybe Mexicana makes it popular for those seeking recreational fun or a deeper, more meaningful and spiritual experience just like the Aztecs.


Suggested Dosing Guide:

Mild Experience: .05 – 1.5 grams

Medium Experience: 2g – 4 grams

Full Experience: 5 – 7 grams

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