MKV AAAA $161.50  Oz

MKV AAAA $161.50 Oz

Here’s a fairly new strain that you can’t find everywhere. MKV Train is a new development among Canadian cannabis genetics, and as an emerging strain, it’s pretty rare. It has some complex genetics. MKV Train is a three-way cross between well-known strains Trainwreck and MK Ultra, combined with one lesser-known hybrid called Jasmine.

MKV Train is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant mix. With a THC concentration that reaches 23 percent, it has a powerful sedative high. Crowned with a heady sheet of trichomes, MKV Train hits like a locomotive and will leave you ripped.

MKV Train – Genetics

MKV Train derives its potent effects from its rich genetic line. MK Ultra is an old-school indica named after a CIA mind control program. Trainwreck is a legendary hybrid, an amalgamation of all the best traits landraces can provide. Last but not least, Jasmine just may account for the “it” factor with this strain. It’s a cross between the well-known Super Silver Haze, and a nearly unknown strain called Golden Boy.

Each of these strains are fairly indica-dominant. MKV Train inherited the sedative, relaxing high that indicas typically possess. As a result, it’s a great end-of-day strain. Smoking too early in the morning may just disrupt any plans you had for the rest of the day.

Its parents have a part to play in MKV Train’s appearance, too. It’s a reflection of its genetics, channeling the bright, happy green buds and proud orange pistils that MK Ultra, Trainwreck, and Jasmine all exhibit.

MKV Train and Medical Patients

Thanks to its high THC content, MKV Train may hold a variety of potential benefits for medical patients. Some sources say that cannabis may have potential anti-inflammatory, painkilling, and sleep-promoting properties, amongst others. Users state that may be particularly helpful against headaches, migraines, depression, low appetite, arthritis, and chronic pain like arthritis.

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