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Nepalese Temple Hashish AAAA+ $256.50 Oz

Nepalese Temple Hashish AAAA+ $256.50 Oz

haras, or hand rolled resin, is the original concentrate. Alluring and aromatic, charas was born from the first contact between humanity and the cannabis plant, as a layering of this sticky THC-rich substance is unavoidable when handling marijuana. Innovations in cannabis concentrates, utilizing newer methods of extraction such as BHO and CO2, will soon transform the face of modern day medicine. Still, the act of gently rubbing cannabis flowers will remain the easiest and most effective method of collecting fresh resin from wild plants at the peak of their life cycle and creations like the Temple Ball will continue to elevate what could be construed as mere collection into an artisanal craft.

The process of collecting live resin in the palm of one’s hands is simple in its methodology, but challenging in its implementation. While no longer widely-practiced, this method remains the sole cannabis resin collecting methodology in tropical countries with a humid climates like Bhutan, Nepal and Northern India. To collect resin, take the fan leaves off the plant and gently caress the flowers between your palms using a light back-and-forth rubbing motion. Thoroughly clean your hands of any leaf material after each flower and start again until a layer of resin builds up on your palms and fingers. Then snap the substance off your hands and voila! You have created hand-pressed resin.

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