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Quad AAAA 1 Oz Mix & Match $160 Oz

Quad AAAA 1 Oz Mix & Match $160 Oz

Selct from any, of our Quad AAAA  Cannabis strains

MIx and match 4x4 of our supreme quality small batch Quad cannabis .

What is AAAA Weed?

Any weed you buy online from our online dispensary that is graded AAAA is pretty much the absolute cream of the cannabis crop outside of craft flower. This type of weed checks every box of the cannabis grade criteria, from look to smell to taste to amount of trichomes to THC/CBD content. While you will likely wind up paying a reasonable price to buy AAAA weed of this quality online, what you’re getting in return is very much worth the price tag. AAAA, Quad-A, or Quads, is a grading for the best quality weed you can buy online in Canada. This type of weed ranks highest in all traits with a pungent odor, a sharp flavor, and a smooth, clean-smelling burn smoke.

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