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Trips AAA 1 Oz Mix & Match $130 Oz

Trips AAA 1 Oz Mix & Match $130 Oz

Selct from any, of our "TRIPS" AAA Cannabis strains

MIx and match 4x4 of our supreme quality Triple A craft cannabis .

If you’ve ever heard the term “trips” before in reference to weed, it was most likely an indication of the grade of the stuff you were smoking. Trips is another way of saying AAA, which is the “middle of the road” level weed to buy online in Canada. This grade of cannabis is the most commonly smoked today. At one point, it was pretty much the highest quality the average person could find. Growing knowledge and advancements in cultivation techniques have since brought about even higher grades, but AAA still makes for a great smoke.

Buds of this grade are going to smell great, smoke great, and provide you with some significant THC content, but they’re not quite as intense or potent as the AAAA grade stuff. You may find that the presentation isn’t quite as picturesque as the top-shelf stuff weed you may buy online, but it will still look beautiful, and the lower price tag will make it all of the more appealing.

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